USA blir kvar i Nato även under Trump?


Vad anser Donald Trump om Nato, bortom några förvirrade fraser? Det är högst oklart om han vet vad Nato är, men hans säkerhetspolitiska rådgivare Mike Flynn, tidigare chef för den militära underrättelsetjänsten DIA, lägger ut texten i en färsk intervju i Der Spiegel (15/7).

Här ett kort utdrag ur en längre text om utrikespolitiken under Trump.

SPIEGEL: General, we are here to say goodbye.

Flynn: Why goodbye?

SPIEGEL: Donald Trump announced that if he wins the election, he will not continue trans-Atlantic relations in their current form. He has threatened to withdraw the United States from NATO.

Flynn: This is where I think the world has misread Donald Trump. He has no intention to step away without examining all relationships that we have. His intent is to relook at the way we are organized globally, where the US is sort of expected to be a global leader, but relook at these alliances and these charters that we are under to make sure that they are still viable for the 21st century. It doesn’t mean that President Trump comes into office and NATO goes away. But I would say that NATO as a political alliance does need to be relooked at in terms of everything — resourcing, capabilities.

SPIEGEL: Now you are challenging NATO after all.

Flynn: NATO was formed post-World War II. We’re a little bit more than a half-century old. Do we want NATO to go on for another half-century? I think that the answer is, sitting here today: I don’t know. If I had to bet on it, I would say, yeah, we have to have these alliances going forward and see who’s going to pay for them.

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